Taking care of the gloves will help your pair to retain its stylish shape and comfort, and  serve you longer.

  • Stretch your gloves lengthwise after each use to ensure gloves proper fingers length.
  • Fold the gloves up, if you put them in a bag or pocket.
  • Leave gloves flat, if you put them on a shelf.  
  • You can increase the shine of nappa by polish glove with a soft cloth and using a little talc.
  • You can furbish up the suede gloves by using a soft brush or a piece of foam plastic.
  • You can remove any stains by carefully stretching the leather at the location of the stain in different directions. If the stain is only water, it will disappear by itself.
  • Avoid, if possible, getting the gloves wet. While soggy dark and strong leather dyes may give some their colour off.
  • Moisture spots can be removed by stretching the spot in different direction.
  • Avoid, if possible, direct sun exposure.

You can also wash fine gloves:

  • Use a very mild detergent, rich in grease, mixed into warm (not hot) water.
  • Wear glove on and rub it carefully with your free hand above the water. 
  • Rinse the glove in the same way in clean warm water. 
  • Use caution. Some lining materials may shrink, if the water is too warm.
  • Let the gloves dry out on a towel at room temperature, never in a hot environment.
  • While the gloves are damp carefully put them on. In will restore the gloves original shape.