Ethics and ecology


All leathers used by Sauso are from animals which have lived:
- free (elk, peccary)
- free / half tame (reindeer)
-domestic animal (sheep)

All these animals are hunted or slaughtered because of their meat, not leather.
-Therefore the leather is purely by-product.
-None of these animals are farmed.
-Their ecological foot print is very light.
-All "animal" prints are printed on sheep leathers. 

We are very keen on using materials with minimum chemicals.
Therefore we are testing our materials and the result of e.g. Finnish elk and reindeer is excellent. E.g. the formaldehyde level is only 1/5th of the level accepted to the baby's clothes in EU. We are proud and happy for such steps forward in order to minimize all the chemical use. This all is important to our environment and consumer safe.

The glove production itself is hand work where the machinery is only a helping tool.