Our SAUSO family has been manufacturing top quality leather gloves for over 80 years.
My grandfather started manufacturing Sauso gloves in Finland in 1929. He was proud of his professional skill, and demanded the same quality standard from his employees.

The leather glove markets soon became aware with the concept of "Sauso Quality".
My grandfather's inheritance of skill and his passion for quality is even today of great significance to us.

Our gloves are solely hand-made and we use machinery only as helping tools. 
This is why we cut the leather using the old table cutting method which ensures the best fitting and stylish gloves.

In Sauso gloves you will find the following aspects:

  • high quality and ecological materials
  • excellent fitting
  • fine craftsmanship
  • individual and international design which means style, quality and pleasure to our customers

Our aim is clearly to be top producer of quality gloves with design!