SAUSO gloves are produced from excellent materials.

High quality gloves leathers should to be very strong and thin, elastic, soft and have beautiful shine. We are carefully selecting the best materials for Sauso gloves.
Top quality leather is like a second skin.

NAPPA is a general term for soft chrome tanned smooth natural leather. Nappa is also known as aniline leather.
Sauso nappa gloves are produced from Ethiopian hair ship leather. It has been always the best material for fine nappa gloves. We use only full aniline nappa, where natural characteristics of the skin material are well visible because they are not covered by paints and coating.
The hair sheep nappa is soft in touch, supple, strong and gives a lasting comfort. It is perfect for manufacturing beautiful dress gloves.

All nappa gloves can be ordered with Water Resistant treatment.

PECCARY is a wild hog from Amazon River. Native Americans hunt peccary because of their meat. In order to protect the species from poaching Cites (Geneva) controls the trade of peccaries. The restriction on peccary export that could be done only from Peru made that leather even more expensive and rare.
Peccary leather is the most luxurious and famous material for gloves. Thus only a few glove producers dealing with peccary. Only a master glove cutter with unique skills is able to cut this special leather. And it requires a high professional hand sewer, his or her experience and dexterity to sew the luxury skin.
Peccary provides unique comfort, silky touch and care for hands. It is the best for the hands. Having the best indulge your feelings with Sauso peccary gloves - warm and soft, supple and stylish.

REINDEER is from Finnish Lapland. Reindeer leather is very soft and exceptionally strong in structure, and therefore long lasting. The gloves are soft, extremely comfortable. Reindeer velour has fabulous shades of colour. It is beautiful perfect accessories for every day dress and for special occasion.
All reindeer leathers are delivered with Water Resistant treatment.
Nowadays reindeer husbandry is a modern livelihood following the natural northern rhythm. Reindeer are bred primarily because of their valuable meat.

ELK is wild animal found in boreal forests. Finnish elk leather is soft, structured and pleasant to the touch. The elk gloves durable, warm, cosy.
Elk have been hunted for their meat for centuries. In Finland, elk hunting is controlled by licensing laws.

HOG is domestic pig. The hog leather is well structured, mat, and comfortable.
Sauso has an excellent collection of driving hog gloves.