Perfect fit


We advise you to select the correct size of the glove to ensure a perfect fit. The perfect fitting is our final goal!

Top quality gloves are stretched accurately by measuring. To learn the skills of a glove cutter takes 3-4 years. When using this method, the daily production is only about 35 pairs. Only by measuring it's possible to stretch one inch (=2,5 cm) on tailoring allowance for a good fit ! Each hand is different and therefore a glove must individually adapt to it.
A new pair gets its best fit after a couple of hours use.

Different hands
Each hand is individual, so is the pair of gloves made by hand from natural leather.
In addition of standard hand , there are roughly two other hand types: delicate with long fingers and wider with short fingers.

Delicate with long fingers
Choose a pair half size larger than your size, made from leather with more body. It maintains its shape better; thus, the fingers do not shorten so easily. An increase of half number makes the finger length about 3 millimetres longer. E.g. if your size is 7, select a pair of 7½, Try on carefully.

Wider with short fingers
Choose a pair half number smaller than your size, made from very soft leather. This kind of glove stretches easily already when new; correspondingly, the fingers become shorter.
E.g. if your size is 7, select a very soft pair of 6½. Try on carefully.

Whatever the shape of your hand, another pair may fit better than the one you tried on first.

Special pattern

Please notice we have a special pattern for the ladies with extra long fingers or nails. 
We call this pattern as "Lady like" and it has 5 millimetres longer fingers than in our normal ladies pattern. This special pattern can be produced almost for all ladies articles.