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Let your fingers do the walking. It takes just a few clicks on the keyboard to access Sauso's collection of quality men's leather, fingerless gloves online. The leading glove distributor produces quality hand wear, offering male consumers protection, comfort, and fashion. Located in Helsinki, Sauso has a global reach and provides an extensive collection of classic, durable gloves and mittens. With more than 90 years in the business, the family-run glove producer develops high-quality hand wear for the contemporary man.


Following eco-friendly practices, Sauso's enduring 100-step production process ensures that each pair maintains a high-quality standard. For three generations, this business has focused on customer satisfaction. Earning a global reputation by creating buzz around stylish and practical leather handwear, Sauso continues to push the envelope.

The extensive collection gives shoppers a choice between pattern, fabric, lining, and softness. For discerning customers who are looking for a tailored product, the company also customizes gloves to a client's specifications. Master craftsmen stretch and cut leather using time-tested techniques. With leather from sustainable sources, the manufacturer finishes the gloves with quality stitching.

The high-caliber, long-lasting gloves are breathable, enhancing comfort. Whether a customer chooses a lined or unlined glove, the soft leather and warm lining are designed to protect hands from the elements. Staying in business for 90 years is a testimony to the exceptional experience buyers receive from end to end. At Sauso, employees know that customers count on them to help them look good and stay warm in colder weather.

What are Fingerless Gloves Used For?

In the 1980s, music icons, such as Billy Idol, turned fingerless gloves into a fashion must-have. Much like a standard glove, the design simply uses less material, exposing the wearer's fingers. However, there are functional benefits to going fingerless. Contrary to popular opinion, the style does keep hands warm by covering the wrist, palm, and pulse points.

The glove design also allows for greater mobility and hand movement. Each pair is especially convenient for driving and bike riding, making fingerless leather gloves popular among auto enthusiasts. Acting like a second skin, the glove enhances the driver's ability to grip the wheel while allowing the fingers to remain free to navigate.

Sports enthusiasts who participate in rollerblading and skating also use fingerless leather gloves to protect the hands. It's a trend that started in the 1980s and continues today.

Why You Should Own Sauso's Fingerless Gloves

From the beginning, the company committed itself to the highest quality hand wear. Sauso raises the bar by giving customers handsome handwear that inspire confidence and highlight personal style. However, fingerless leather gloves offer unmatched flexibility for sport, riding, or moving around the town.

  • Sauso believes in reducing pollution, which is traditionally attributed to the fashion industry. From obtaining leather from food byproducts to sourcing leather in other sustainable ways, the business ensures that each product reaches the customer through an ethical process that respects environmental protection.
  • All the company's leather gloves are made under high quality control standards, which ensure durability. The hand wear is made with reindeer, elk, deer, lamb, and peccary leathers chosen for softness and sturdiness. All leathers are by-products of food industry.
  • Functionality meets fashion. Stay warm in a wide variety of gloves that are designed to endure from season to season. Look good in fashionable styles, which offer sophisticated accents to a gentleman's wardrobe.

Life is exceptional when experiencing the comfortable, soft feel of quality fingerless leather gloves, which are designed to fit the way you live. For the savvy, modern male, function is a welcome convenience.

Sauso's high-end hand wear protects the hands from cold weather while ensuring a smart, dapper look to complement the wardrobe. Whether the consumer is driving, riding, or relaxing with friends, the fingerless glove gives the wearer flexibility and comfort to do it all.

Style Tips

For men, glove size is key to enhancing the fashion statement. Buyers who don't order custom-made hand wear, may choose other sizing options. Take a look at the size chart, which allows you to select a fit that best matches your hand size. Well-fitting gloves also exude a more commanding, attractive flair.

Fingerless gloves are sporty, casual or 'extra' as they say. From sophisticated dark shades to colorful hues, these gloves can accessorize most wardrobes. Leather choices also bring a bit of style; soft and smooth half-gloves work well with sweaters or casual jackets.

The good news is that the fingerless glove matches most casual outfits. From jeans to dress pants, the look breaks down traditional barriers. It gives the wearer a unique style, which fits the way he lives. Ride through rugged mountains. Breeze down a city street. Skate through the park. Meet that special someone while looking confident and unique.

Wearing fingerless gloves shows the world that you dare to be different. Sleek and simple, this handwear complements those who desire a distinct look from head to toe. For sharp dressers, the accessories accentuate the wearer's individuality. However, simple and understated leather gloves are an excellent way to go for those who prefer the look of casual sophistication.

Where Do I Purchase Sauso Gloves?

Click on the relevant pages to view a selection of men's leather fingerless gloves. Sauso offers distinct styles for the way that you live. From knuckle free to accented designs, buyers will look and feel good while experiencing the freedom of motion.


Authentic style, premium materials and sustainable production are the key elements of the collection. Our expanded collection now contains more accessories than ever! Beautiful and luxurious natural fibers meet timeless design. 

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