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Womens black leather gloves

Sauso is a world-renowned designer and retailer of leather gloves of all styles and colors. They have been around for over 90 years and have vast experience in the business. This long-established company is based in Helsinki, Finland, where its outstanding Eerikinatu store is situated. It is a family run business recognized for quality products delivered with sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices. Their products were made in Finland from 1929 to 1989, where they had their own factory.

Why Choose Sauso Leather Gloves?

Sauso's womens gloves are now manufactured in the Hungarian town of Pecs, which a well-known center of excellence for all types of glove making. The company retains sole responsibility for the design, sale, and marketing of their products. The products are entirely handmade and are guaranteed to be of exceptional quality. The company only uses the most-skilled artisan craftsman with years of experience and knowledge. Most of these artisans have spent a lifetime perfecting their glove-making techniques and honing their undoubted skills. Their manufacturing process is meticulous and involves more than 100 work steps before the goods are ready for use. For example, the manufacture consists of the use of a master-cutter who can skillfully stretch and cut each individual piece. The methods used in this process ensure an excellent fit and handwear that is hard-wearing and reliable.

Only the finest quality materials are used in the making of their handwear. This ranges from deer, elk, reindeer, and peccary skin, and the materials used for the linings include wool, cashmere, and silk. Fur linings such as rabbit and lamb shearling are also available to provide the ultimate in warmth. All of the products used come from sustainable sources such as hunting. All the animals are bred using organic methods or are hunted being completely wild or living free. The skins are byproducts of this process, and traditionally-farmed animals are excluded. You can rest assured that Sauso has the environment at the forefront of its philosophy, and eco-friendly methods are used throughout the making of their handwear.

Style Tips for Women's Leather Gloves

As with any form of handwear, the color and style must match any other accessories you intend to wear. You may wish to match the color of your handbag or shoes. Also, you need to have regard to what style of clothing will be worn and what type of event or celebration you are attending. A more formal design may be appropriate for occasions such as weddings, christening ceremonies, or upmarket charity dinners and functions. Whereas if you are attending events such as a birthday celebration, a Christmas party, or a works dinner, then a more casual approach can be adopted. Why not be outrageous and try to mix different colors to make you stand out from the crowd?

The company also offers half-fit and fingerless options for their goods, which can be a very fashionable, up-to-date, glamorous addition to any outfit. This style can also be appropriate when the use of the fingers is required. Besides, the wearer can then show off their elegantly styled nails to further enhance their look and the quality of the handwear.

If a formal event or funeral is the occasion, then the common choice would be a somber style of handwear. If you want to look sexy, then why not try wearing a leather outfit set off by long handwear and long thigh-length boots? The choice is yours. Sauso certainly can provide any style for any occasion.

Why Use Leather Gloves?

Leather gloves for women are known to be stylish and practical but also exude an air of luxury and sensuality. The feel of leather on skin is second to none when arousing the senses. Try women's leather handwear since it is sure to add to the icing on the cake when wearing your favorite cocktail dress, elegant ballgown, or formal dinnerwear. They are sure to arouse interest and attract admiring glances. It is also known to be hard-wearing and durable and, as such, is a practical solution when worn for sport and leisure. Sauso offers women's gloves leather style for driving, using touch screens, winter apparel, and parties available in all styles and colors, including fingerless. The company also produces washable variants of their goods, which are practical but still retain a certain elegance. This can be particularly useful if they are being worn for such tasks as outdoor activities. This inevitably leads to soil and other elements of contamination. Being able to wash the gloves is a definite plus with this option.

How to Buy Sauso Gloves? Their goods are available to buy online on their own well-designed website. They can be purchased with peace of mind with a 14-day free return policy. All deliveries can be excepted to be received within one to three days. Gift certificates can also be purchased online or instore, ranging from values of 50 euros to 300. Why not treat a friend, loved one, or family member to that unique gift? However, they also have a great store in Helsinki, where customers can view their wide range of handwear. Why not try different styles and designs to find that perfect designer pair of women's gloves to suit your taste and style? Try on as many different kinds as you wish, and you can be assured of the help and expertise of the friendly, knowledgeable staff. The store is staffed by professional, well-trained salespeople, and you can be assured of the highest standards of customer service. Payment can be made online using MasterCard, Visa and with many other payment options. If visiting their Helsinki store, customers can, of course, pay in cash.

So whatever style you are looking for, you are sure to find what you are seeking at Sauso. Have a look at the website or visit the store now. You won't be disappointed.

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