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Womens Fingerless Leather Gloves

Style All Year Round

This timeless accessory can be enjoyed year-round, to complement a spring ensemble or rock an autumnal outfit. Aside from keeping hands snug and protected, leather gloves pack a powerful punch in the fashion stakes. Let’s face it, not only do they offer comfort and practicality, they’re also unquestionably cool. But what makes them essential? And what makes Sauso gloves, in particular, so special? Read on to find out.

Why Wear Fingerless Gloves?

Despite their recent popularity, fingerless gloves actually date back centuries. As expected, this alternative to traditional gloves was born out of a simple need for practicality. Freeing up the fingertips allowed women to perform daily tasks while retaining a sense of glamour and sophistication. This unrestricted movement is even more valuable in today’s society. The following reasons reveal why a pair of Sauso leather gloves should be part of every modern woman’s collection.


This style offers the perfect solution for keeping warm while using smartphones and/or tablets. No longer will you need to remove your glove every time you receive a message, scroll through the internet or check for directions while out and about.


Long since associated with bikers, leather ensures complete control when driving. The gloves allow you to grip the steering wheel on a particularly frosty morning with confidence, combining toasty palms with full dexterity. This works equally well when riding a bike, and in milder temperatures, your hands are less likely to sweat with the fingers exposed.

Outdoor Activities

Practically any outdoor activity can benefit from fingerless gloves. From market traders to dog walkers to night photographers, those spending any amount of time in the open air will enjoy the luxurious feel of leather fused with total freedom of movement.


When working for long periods behind a laptop, it’s common to feel the cold quickly. Adorning a pair from Sauso's womens range will retain heat without restricting the ability to type, meaning you can stay busy until the early hours without having to turn up the heating!


The practical advantages of the fingerless design are plentiful, although one of the greatest reasons to purchase a pair comes down to fashion. Feminine yet funky. Elegant yet edgy. Sophisticated yet striking. Sauso’s leather gloves have the power to complete an assortment of looks with the utmost style.

How to Wear Fingerless Gloves

Fashion icons, such as Madonna, brought this glove to the forefront of design in the 1980s. Ever since, this accessory has continued to crop up on the catwalk and has remained popular among celebrities and trendsetters. But making the look work for those without a personal dresser can be a bit tricky. The following tips will guarantee an on-point ensemble every single time.

Make a Statement

Fingerless gloves can certainly be eye-catching, particularly in the case of Sauso’s stunning gold variety. If aiming to make the glove the centerpiece, hold back on the remainder of the outfit, selecting neutral tones and softer shades to really make the gloves stand out.


Don’t be afraid to use jewellery, after all, that’s the beauty of having your fingers exposed. Similarly, a chic manicure can add the finishing touch to set your ensemble alight. Try to pair your gloves with hats or scarves of a similar hue, rather than matching the colors exactly, to achieve a modern, classy look.


Longer gloves combine effortlessly with sleeveless dresses for a timeless image of pure elegance. They are also perfect for pairing with coats with 3/4 length sleeves, especially when the temperatures begin to drop. Alternatively, short fingerless gloves can inject an element of cool sexiness to an otherwise ordinary outfit.


Sauso's womens fingerless leather gloves blend classic colors, such as black, with more extravagant shades, including gold, silver and leopard print. Choose a bold tone for a plainer outfit to give it that pop. Don’t necessarily strive to match your gloves to your clothing, sometimes an unusual pairing can really work in creating a unique look to impress those around you.

Do Fingerless Gloves Keep You Warm?

It’s no secret that fingerless gloves can’t compete with their traditional counterparts in terms of keeping you warm. However, that’s not to say that they are a mere fashion accessory. On the contrary, they cover your wrist, pulse point and the back of your hand, which helps warm the blood and retain heat. In addition, they are much less likely to make your hands overheat or sweat when things start to warm up. And a little heat loss from your fingertips is not much to ask for in return for the freedom of using your digits wherever you please!

Why Choose Sauso?

Sauso’s leather gloves are handcrafted to perfection, guaranteeing every single product meets the highest possible standards. Exquisite design, masterful artisans, luxurious leather and a commitment to sustainability have elevated the brand to Finland’s leading glove manufacturer.

With over 90 years of experience, the Sauso family have developed a formula for excellence to ensure customer satisfaction time and time again. Each glove is carefully designed by our experts in Helsinki, whose skills blend classic styles with a modern touch. Crafted in Pecs, Hungary, Sauso gloves go through no less than 100 production steps to create perfectly fitting accessories of the softest leather and highest durability.

This quality assurance provides complete peace of mind when purchasing any item from the women’s fingerless leather gloves range. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new wardrobe addition, or you’re looking for a memorable gift for a loved one, Sauso is sure to satisfy your needs.

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