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Women 's leather gloves with a warm knitted lining. The warmth of the gloves is affected by both the leather used and the lining. We use wool, cashmere and a mixture of them in the knitted lining of the gloves. The villa is durable and warm. The luxurious cashmere on the other hand is really soft and even warmer than regular sheep wool. The appearance and warmth of the glove is most affected by the leather used in them. The warmest and most durable of all is the precious peccary wild boar leather.

The surface of the peccary leather is beautifully textured and wonderfully soft. The slightly porous structure makes it a good thermal insulator. Deer leather is a very popular material for winter gloves. It is warm and has a soft, beautiful matte surface as well as good abrasion resistance. Domestic deer and reindeer are also durable and warm skins. Sophisticated sheepskin nappa leather is a popular material in gloves due to its smooth and shiny surface. Sheepskin is the thinnest and smoothest leather used in gloves. It is therefore a multi-choice choice for an intermediate glove as well as for urban use and as a driving glove in winter.