Classically beautiful women's touch screen gloves made from soft nappa leather. The luxuriously smooth silk lining is breathable and helps the gloves slide easily onto the hand.

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Sauso LIIA
Touchscreen glove Lambnappa BLACK 100% Silk

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Classically beautiful women's touch screen gloves made from soft nappa leather. The luxuriously smooth silk lining is breathable and helps the gloves slide easily onto the hand.

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Lamb nappa Ethiopian lamb nappa / surface leather. Sheep farming is an important industry in the region and as a by-product of the food industry leather is very well suited to gloves. Ethiopian lamb nappa is thin, stretchy and durable making it perfect for gloves.
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100% hand made All gloves are 100% hand made and go through 100 production stages. Inspection is done manually to ensure flawless quality.
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Since 1929 The history of manufacturing Sauso gloves is strongly linked to the history of the Sauso family. Svante Sauso, the great grandfather of Sakari Sauso, got his glove manufacturing skills from the greatest German glove manufacturers and established factory to Järvenpää, Finland in 1929. After Svante his son Arno took over the management of the company and from him the company was passed on to the third generation of Sauso that is represented by Sakari Sauso.
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• Nappa leather from Ethiopian hair sheep
• 100% silk lining
• Touch screen feature on the inside of the gloves
• Three decorative stitches on the back of the hand
• The palm side of the cuff is sewn into a curved shape
• Step seam
• Machine-sewn by hand
• Made using the table cutting method
• Handmade in Europe

Handmade women's touch screen glove.

Nappa leather, derived from Ethiopian hair sheep, is naturally fine, soft and flexible, so it moulds nicely into the shape of the wearer’s hand over time. Nappa leather is also known for its beautiful, glossy finish. As the leather contains natural oils, it’s not necessary to treat it with leather care products.

The touch screen feature is based on the electrical conductivity of the leather. The leather is treated in such a way that the electricity of the skin can pass through it. This treatment makes the leather slightly matte. In this design, the entire palm side is made from touch screen leather.

A charming classic women's leather glove. Three hand-sewn decorative stitches and the charming curved cuff make these gloves beautifully sleek and delicate.

The glove has a luxurious silk lining that is smooth and breathable. The silk lining is made in Italy, and it made from durable high-quality materials.

The design of this model is delicate and it fits perfectly even on people with longer fingers. For short-fingered hand, we recommend choosing a glove size 0.5 sizes smaller than what you normally use. The glove stretches in its width to suit the wearer, even if the fit feels snug at first.

The gloves are made with a machine-stitched step seam. The step seam is a very demanding type of seam, mastered only by the best seamstresses.

The mittens get their perfect fit from the centuries-old table cutting method. In this method, each hide is cut individually by hand. The leather is stretched out to remove excess flexibility, leaving each piece with an optimal level of elasticity. This ensures that the mittens don’t stretch over time and retain their perfect, snug fit. The leather is used as thoroughly as possible to minimise wasted materials.

Please note: the gloves may not work on some screens protected with thick armoured glass

    How do I choose the right size gloves?

    To find the right size, measure your larger hand (usually your writing hand) at its widest point without a thumb. The circumference of the hand is measured very firmly around the hand. Tip: If you do not have a tape measure, you can use a string. Measure the circumference of the hand with the string and then measure the length of the string with a ruler. This measurement result allows you to select the correct size from the selected size chart. (The size chart can be found on each product page.) If the measurement is between two sizes, we recommend rounding to the nearest half or full size. When rounding to the nearest size, consider the length of your fingers. If you have long fingers or keep your nails long, choose a larger size. If the model of your hand is more wide than the long model, choose a smaller size - this way the fingers are not too long. The glove should sit firmly at the beginning, as the leather stretches slightly in use and shapes in your hand over time.

    Mikä takuu kosketusnäyttökäsineillä on?

    Meillä on 100% tyytyväisyystakuu kosketusnäyttökäsineille. Jos käsineiden kosketusnäyttöominaisuus ei toimi, saat rahat takaisin tai toiset käsineet tilalle.  Takuu on voimassa 12 kuukautta. 

    Käsineiden ja kosketusnäyttöominaisuuden kestävyyteen vaikuttaa merkittävästi se, kuinka käsineitä on käytetty ja onko hoito-ohjeita noudatettu. Jos käsineet ovat esimerkiksi kastuneet tai niitä on pesty ohjeiden vastaisesti, emme pysty enää tarjoamaan takuuta käsineiden kosketusnäyttöominaisuudelle.

    Huomaathan, että jotkut paksuilla panssarilaseilla varustetut näytöt eivät toimi käsineiden kanssa.

    Otathan meihin yhteyttä, jos sinulla on kysyttävää kosketusnäyttökäsineistä tai takuusta.


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Kauniit ja pehmeät käsineet. Sormet itselleni ehkä hieman liian pitkät, vaikka otin 0,5 numeroa pienemmät kuin yleensä. Puhelimen käyttö toimii hyvin käsineet kädessä. Toimitus oli todella nopea.

Tuote on lunastanut lupauksensa. Kaunis, mukava ja kosketusnäyttö helpottaa elämää.

Jouduin ottamaan suurimman 8,5 koon nivelrikkon paksuuntamien nivelteni vuoksi. Hanskan sormet ovat tarpeeksi pitkät, ja muutenkin hanska on juuri sopiva. Nyt voi kevätkelit tulla!

Rakaat hanskat :) Mukavat kädessä ja kaunis tikkaus

Kaunis, pehmeä ja lämmin käsine. kosketustoiminto pelaa hyvin. Ainoa huomautus on, että sormet on aika pitkät, johtuuko kosketusnäyttö-ominaisuudesta?

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