The history of manufacturing Sauso gloves is strongly related to the history of the Sauso family. Svante Sauso, the great grandfather of Sakari Sauso, got his glove making skills from the greatest German glove manufacturers and established factory to Järvenpää, Finland in 1929. After Svante, his son Arno took over the management of the company and from him the company was passed on to the third generation of Sauso that is also represented by Sakari Sauso.

Production continued in Finland until 1989 when the most skilled glovemakers began to retire. Because there is no specific training for the industry in Finland it became even more difficult to find skilled and trained cutters and seamstressers for factory. That was the moment when Sakari decided to relocate the factory and manufacturing processes to Pécs, Hungary. The city is known for glove making since the mid-19th century and is still the capital of quality glove manufacturing.

The roots of the company are still very firmly in Finland as product design, development, sales and marketing are still handled here. Only the highest quality materials that are sourced from the best and the most reliable suppliers are used on our production processes.

From cutting to finishing all stages of the production of our handmade gloves are strictly controlled. To make gloves well-fitting and durable they go through over 100 production stages. Sauso has been known for exceptional quality, precise fitting and durability for almost a century and over 5,000,000 pairs of our gloves have been sold over time. This is the legacy we cherish with passion and love.

(Photos are from the early 1930s Sauso factory in Järvenpää)