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Men’s Leather Driving Gloves

Experience smooth driving and exceptional control while wearing stylish gloves. It's the difference that comes with donning expertly crafted mens leather driving gloves. Whether it's your first time wearing leather gloves or you've figured out that it's the only way to drive, the commitment to Sauso's fashionable drivers gloves puts you in good company. Known throughout the world for high-quality, hand-crafted gloves for contemporary men, the company is a leading gloves manufacturer. With three generations and 90 years of experience in the industry, the business offers a wide selection of products for consumers who seek driving gloves with the right mix of style and function.

Style Tips for Driving Gloves

A simple, understated look is the key to wearing driving gloves in style. No need for shiny accessories or unnecessary extras on the gloves for driving. Clean stitches and quality are more than enough to achieve a cool demeanor while wearing gloves. Durable, high-end handwear are a product of exceptional craftsmanship. Sauso driving gloves fit well and enhance with a distinctive flair. From soft leather to warm, comfortable linings, these gloves create an air of sophistication.

In fact, the company's stringent control standards ensure attention to the smallest details. Non-slip gloves are especially beneficial for men who drive vintage classics. The extra grip on the gloves come in handy with the stiffer steering on older model vehicles.

However, it's the style that a driver will want to match. Pick a color that complements the car you drive. After all, you're wearing the accessory for function and fashion. Why not look good? The symmetry between the way you look and how you feel is the best reason to choose gloves with care. Take note of your car's interior and pick driving gloves that work, such as warm brown gloves or gloves in bold, vibrant colors.

You may keep the driving gloves in the car when you arrive at your destination. Pop them in the glove compartment and continue on your way. The gloves will still be there when you return, waiting for you to put them on and experience the thrill of driving in fashionable style. Consumers may also choose to wear or carry the gloves while strolling around town. After all, driving gloves enhance the elements of fashion, including lines and color.

Why are Driving Gloves Useful?

Sauso takes gents' leather gloves up a notch, with upscale and modern designs. Whether lined, unlined, or full-fingered, driving gloves keep hands safe and warm, contributing to a smoother journey.

  • Lined Gloves: Wearing gloves while flowing through traffic with the top down is a freeing experience. Consider the cooler weather when operating the car top down. Hands on the steering wheel of open cars are susceptible to weather elements. Lining gives an extra insulation and promotes more comfortable driving experience since cold hands may affect control and performance.
  • Unlined Gloves: Unlined gloves allow drivers to experience the true meaning of the phrase "fits like a glove." Like a second skin, the covering moves with flexibility. Gloves without lining help the fingers to feel and sense through the thin, soft layer of leather. This type of sensitivity to feelings, such as vibrations, gives the driver hints on which moves to make, essential for the ultimate driving experience.
  • Fingered Gloves: Never underestimate the benefits of well-fitting driving gloves. If driving gloves are too loose, the fingertips may chill. Well-made driver gloves wrap snugly around the hand. Sauso takes care to craft gloves that fit well and keep fingers warm.


In 1890, the automobile drove its way into the hearts and minds of humanity. However, the pioneers who began driving those first vehicles became cold during harsh seasons. Unfortunately, automobile heating hadn't been invented yet.

Not to be deterred, new car owners chose gauntlet gloves to cover exposed extremities. The practical, crude driving gloves provided extra protection in bad weather. These gloves started a long-standing tradition that has endured. From leather to wool, a variety of materials served to protect early motorists. The practice of wearing gloves continues. In fact, some motorcyclists and auto owners still use versions of gauntlet driving gloves today.

In the 30s, the advent of heated autos ushered in the era of better fitting and lighter gloves with a snug design. Non-slip stitching was born as stitching on gloves gave drivers a firmer grip on the steering wheel. It wasn't until much later that car producers designed a practical wheel that had a better surface for gripping. Another glove element also gained popularity. Tiny holes, perforations, helped those who wore gloves to stay cooler in warm weather. Rows of stitching and perforations also accent modern driving gloves.

By the 60s, fashionable and stylish driving gloves were all the rage, with a back- of-the-glove cut, which soared in popularity. Today, similar designs can be found in glove compartments of modern drivers, including stitched, cinched, cut out, snapped, or clasped. With unlimited colors and hand-crafted creations, modern gloves are throwbacks to the original driving gloves.

Modern automobiles have come a long way, offering metal exteriors, heating, and specially designed steering wheels, which support a firm, safe grip.

Since the '80s, the reasons for purchasing driving gloves have changed somewhat. The first drivers needed the gloves. Today's drivers choose to wear driving gloves to enhance appearance and functionality.


For decades, manufacturers of gloves have sold driving gloves with thin leather and non-slip grips for safety. Sauso designs men's gloves to help consumers improve control and look good while coasting through traffic. High-quality material is sewn together to provide comfort and flexibility. Using a time-tested table cutting technique, master craftsmen ensure that the gloves you buy will exceed expectations on the road.

Weather Driving gloves are not just for cruising in style. When the top is down, the handwear protects you from cooler weather. Ride with confidence, knowing that the premium leather and unique design will provide a superior experience. Easy to slip on and off, the gloves are convenient when the weather permits and easy to remove. Whether the sun shines or the wind blows, high-quality handwear from Sauso afford wearers unmatched protection from the elements while driving.


Driving gloves protect the man and his possessions while driving. Vintage automobiles require pampering. Look after the steering wheel's finish by wearing soft leather while handling the delicate surface of an old-fashioned car. In addition, if the wheel isn't covered, it may become too hot to touch when the sun shines. Drivers can benefit from an extra layer of protection between skin and the wheel during hot weather.

Why is Leather the Best Material for Driving Gloves?

Leather is standard for driving gloves because the material is durable and flexible, providing protection and comfort. Plus, the exterior layers insulate and warm the hands in cool weather. From keeping your grip to having an extra layer to ensure safety, leather checks all the boxes for practical functionality. Leather also looks good, showcasing an upscale fashion statement for well-dressed drivers.

Racing gloves are designed to improve performance and grip on the wheel. It also offers a barrier against heat and fire for drivers in competitions. But, for the gentleman looking for an exceptional driving experience, well-crafted leather driving gloves provide all the protection and flexibility you'll require. The well-fitting design and expertly stitched seams ensure comfort to maneuver and confidence to navigate through life.

Whether driving to a business or casual affair, gloves are an essential accessory for those who take fashion and driving seriously. The durability gives the driver long-lasting protection and the freedom to move through life in comfort and control. Live life to the fullest in stylish leather. Sauso gloves are along for the ride, enhancing the experience.

Why Invest in Driving Gloves?

Let's recap. Driving gloves provide just the right combination of stylish sophistication and practical functionality for discerning, well-groomed men. Most people aren't racing drivers, but that fact shouldn't stop you from experiencing the better grip that comes with expertly crafted leather gloves. Even getting on and off the expressway requires optimal control.

Driving with protection helps keep your hands from tiring. Truck, long-distance, and career drivers experience weary hands from continually gripping the steering wheel and feeling vibrations from the road. Leather lessens the impact on hands from vibrations and prevents callouses by acting like a protective layer.

From a practical standpoint, drivers may preserve a car's value by protecting the steering wheel from wear and tear. Soft leather driving gloves keep the car safe from anything on a driver's hands, such as dirt, grit, or natural excretions. Sweaty palms include a mix of salt, fat, arsenic, lead, and mercury. You probably don't want toxins from your body touching the steering wheel daily. Automobiles are an investment, and leather gloves may help to protect them.

Finally, leather gloves enhance the way a driver looks. Complete the dapper appearance by including this essential addition to the wardrobe. Whether you have a bad boy persona or an air of classy sophistication, you can't go wrong with stylish driving gloves from Sauso.

Driving Glove style 'Erkki'

Experience Erkki; classically designed style. Polka dot openings enhance the look, and a stylish button helps the driver to easily fasten the handwear. Great for driving and everyday applications, Erkki is a perfect example of function meeting fashion in contemporary gloves. Master craftsmen sew the sheepskin from materials cut in an ancient table cutting process. The soft, unlined material comforts the skin and fits well, ensuring optimal control and performance while driving on the road.

Driving Glove style 'Tuukka'

Tuukka is a dress up or down design, exuding both elegance and comfort. The glove's subtle deer leather enhances the appearance and feel. Its perforations add to the distinctive aura. For urban dwellers, the driving glove is comfortable to hold while shopping or to wear when cruising around town. Its curved wrist allows just the right space for an accessory, such as a wristwatch. The understated look complements both upscale and casual attire.

Driving Glove style 'Tuuli'

Tuuli - Finnish word for "wind" is the right name for these unisex moose leather gloves. Designed for motorcycle enthusiasts, the reinforced protection for arms and wrists keep forearms safe from wind and weather elements. Adjustable and comfortable, the driving gloves allow men and women to ride freely and safely through the streets. A throwback to the original gauntlet gloves, they create an elegant and durable protective shield in changeable weather.

Look at Sauso's full collection of quality leather driving gloves here; For three generations, the Sauso glove-making enterprise has built an exemplary reputation for quality. The leather driving gloves are crafted by skilled workers who understand the customers' needs. From stylish fashion to practical uses, these high-end gloves are attractive and functional. Each leather glove offers a unique look. For customers, Sauso's driving gloves introduce contemporary looks and unmatched durability. Fine leather, expert craftsmanship, and sophisticated designs draw customers from across the globe.

However, it's Sauso's commitment to sustainable practices that give the company an edge over other suppliers. Gloves manufactured from sustainable sources contribute to a better environment for everyone in the products lifecycle. From choosing the leather to shipping the products, Sauso is committed to eco-friendly processes. In fact, all materials come from food industry partners or other sustainable sources. Even the 100-step process for making the product is eco-friendly, and control standards deliver the best quality to the buyer.

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