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  • Mens Leather Winter Gloves

    The Perfect Blend of Style and Comfort

    Sauso's luxurious range of mens leather gloves make the ideal choice for the modern man. Flawless quality, exquisite design, and total comfort combine to create the ultimate fashion companion for the cold winter months. Whether you're looking for the finishing touch to your business wardrobe, seeking a warm, stylish pair for driving, or are on the hunt for a memorable gift, Sauso is sure to deliver.

    Family Tradition

    With over 90 years of experience, the Sauso family definitely know a thing or two about glove making. The grandfather of the current owner was the first to step into the industry, training under German masters, and opening his first factory in 1929. The skills and passion for glove making have been passed on to each generation, with the company growing from strength to strength to become the leading gloves manufacturer in Finland today.

    While the designs are fashioned in Helsinki, the actual crafting process now takes place in the beautiful Hungarian city of Pecs, which is renowned across the globe as the world's capital of glove manufacturing. The procedure requires specific expertise of the highest level, which is why Sauso recruits only the best artisans to ensure exceptional quality for every single pair.

    Commitment to Sustainability

    In a world struggling under the weight of human impact, Sauso recognizes the magnitude of environmental responsibility. For that reason, all materials are sourced ethically, either as by-products from the food industry or to keep the number of individual animals sustainable, such as in the case of Finnish elks. No skins or furs are used from farmed animals.

    All gloves are crafted using the age-old method of table cutting, which cuts and stretches each piece separately, not only guaranteeing an exceptional fit but also helping to reduce waste material. Leather can last for years, but even premium fiber linings have a much shorter life span. Therefore, Sauso provides a lining service to customers to help preserve their gloves and keep their hands warm for as long as possible.

    Men's winter gloves

    A quick browse through the collection will reveal the quality and range of Sauso's gloves. Different types of animal, from deer to peccary wild boar, present varying options in terms of look and texture. The company has scoured all four corners of the globe, searching for the finest products. Take the Ethiopian sheepskin, for example, which produces thin, stretchy leather, ideal for the flexibility and durability required for top quality gloves.

    Just as much thought goes into the lining. Almost all of Sauso's men's winter gloves use natural mountain fibers, including 100% wool, a cashmere blend, and silk. This ensures ultimate temperature control and breathability, keeping your hands warm in cold weather without causing them to overheat.

    If fashion is your main priority, Sauso has you covered. The design team in Helsinki focuses on comfort and practicality without compromising on appearance. Indeed, all of Sauso's gloves exude an elegant yet contemporary vibe that complements many an outfit, from formal business wear to casual attire. Traditional winter staples, such as black and grey, mingle with more vibrant tones; the cork selection, in particular, offering gloves to cater to every taste and preference.

    Are Leather Gloves Suitable for Winter?

    Leather boasts many benefits that make it an excellent material for protection during the winter months. Despite its soft and supple feel, it is notably robust and durable. Even in extremely cold weather, leather gloves remain flexible, and combine breathability with a solid grip, giving you full control over that freezing cold steering wheel on frosty mornings. Another quality of leather gloves is their excellent resistance to cold winds, making them the perfect choice for customers living in locations with frequent harsh gusts.

    The type of animal also naturally affects the leather's ability to keep out the cold. Sauso is renowned for its exceptionally high standard, with the men's gloves assortment including such fine skins as:

    • Deer - velvety finish, keeping your hands warm with incredible comfort
    • Finnish elk - beautuiful grain, thick leather, with a sporty edge
    • Lamb nappa - sumptuously soft, lamb nappa sets the gold bar for pure luxury
    • Peccary wild boar - butter soft leather. Prized for its toughness, its distinctive pattern makes every glove unique

    Combining the advantages of leather with a warm inner lining affords even more protection against the elements. Sauso's gloves range encompasses a first-class selection of lining materials, each carefully picked to keep your hands warm, even in cold weather. Examples include:

    • 100% wool - snug and warm, wool makes an excellent choice for a winter lining
    • 100% cashmere - luxurious and soft, the epitome of class, cashmere provides a feeling like no other, and while it isn't the thickest of materials, it is a superb insulator
    • Lamb fur - ideal for the iciest temperatures, a fur lining will keep your hands snug and warm throughout the season.

    Customers with allergies are encouraged to contact the Sauso team for advice on the possibilities for anti-allergy gloves.

    What are the Best Gloves for Winter?

    Every item in Sauso's winter gloves collection has been carefully selected to withstand the cold weather while maintaining the brand's chic appearance. However, choosing a warm pair of gloves to suit you comes down to numerous factors. What sort of temperatures will you be facing? Would you sacrifice dexterity to keep out wintry weather? For example, Sauso's ALEX lamb fur mittens are a fantastic choice for protecting against the harshest of frosts, yet total freedom of movement is sacrificed. Are you looking for everyday wear or dress gloves for special occasions? If you have any questions when making your selection, do not hesitate to give the team a call or drop them an email. Even better, why not pop into the store in Helsinki to try on a few pairs in person? The staff will be happy to help in finding your perfect gloves.

    Do Leather Gloves Keep Your Hands Warm?

    Acting essentially as an extra layer of skin, leather gloves can keep your hands warm and protected, even in bitter conditions. The extent of insulation depends on the specific type, and of course, the fiber used for the interior lining. As Sauso uses only the best materials, customers can rely on the company's experience and expertise in delivering products that blend beauty with effectiveness. In addition, the proficiency of Sauso's artisans results in stitching and finishing of the highest level, which also adds to the gloves' ability to keep the hand sheltered during cold weather.

    How to Buy Sauso Gloves

    Purchasing a pair of Sauso gloves couldn't be easier. The men's gloves range provides plenty of variety in terms of skins, linings, colors, and styles, making sure there is a pair available to suit every modern man. After settling on a favorite, the next step is to ensure the correct sizing.

    If you aren't able to visit the Sauso store in person, then simply measure your hand (the larger of the two!) at its widest point, without the thumb. Then check the measurement against the table on the website to find your particular size. If you fall between two, make your decision on the basis of your finger length. For example, if you consider your fingers to be on the longer side, then choose the larger size, and vice versa.

    After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email. All gloves are delivered free of charge. Once you have received your items, you have the right to return them, without any cost, within 14 days of receipt. When first trying on your purchase, the gloves should fit snugly as the leather will stretch out and mold to your hand over time. When you initially put your hand inside, fold your fingers back slightly. If a small groove forms at the knuckles, then the gloves are the correct size.

    If you can't find suitable gloves from our collection you can order a customized pair by selecting your preferred materials, model and size. Please visit our store for a consultation.

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    No matter what choice you make, any men's winter gloves is sure to bring comfort, style, and satisfaction for many years to come.