Privacy statement 01.09.2020


Sakari Sauso Oy


Aleksanterinkatu 26 A

15140 Lahti

Sakari Sauso Oy stores and processes its customers' personal data in accordance with the EU's general data protection regulation (GDPR, 2016/679) and the current Personal Data Act (523/1999). The customer must accept the terms of this privacy statement before ordering from the online store. Providing personal information is a prerequisite for ordering. It is not possible to order products from our online store without providing personal information.

The purposes of the register are:

Customer maintenance, such as order processing, delivery, warranty issues and invoicing

Customer-related communication, e.g. various campaigns

To improve the user experience, provide product recommendations and target marketing

We follow good data protection practices in the processing and planning of personal data. The processing of personal data has taken into account the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applicable from 25 May 2018.

Sakari Sauso Oy's customer register contains the following information:

First and last name


Telephone number

Postal address

Payment information, including credit agreements and other billing information

Order history

We will only retain your personal information for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this Privacy Statement. The Finnish Accounting Act imposes obligations for the longer-term storage of information.

Recipients of personal information:

Our company and its employees

A payment intermediary that receives payments

A shipping company that transports goods to a customer

The information in the register consists of information provided by the customer in our online store or otherwise and information collected using various electronic forms.

We use trusted contractors to transfer information to a third party. Agreements with all partners have taken into account the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation and other legislation.

Registrants have the following rights:

The right to verify personal data about oneself

Right to rectification

Right to restrict processing (eg right to prohibit marketing)

Right to object to processing

Right to withdraw consent (for example, right to withdraw consent for marketing)

Right to appeal to the supervisory authority

Changes must be notified by e-mail to our customer service

Use of cookies

A cookie is a small text file that a browser stores on a user's terminal. Cookies contain a unique identifier that can be used to identify users. Sakari Sauso Oy uses cookies in its online service to implement the services and to facilitate the use of the services. The user cannot be identified by cookies alone. The user can consent to the use of cookies or deny it in their browser settings.