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Touch screen gloves for women. Modern gloves work with touch screens. The touch screen gloves provide warmth and protection from dirt and touch infections, as they do not need to be removed, whether you use a phone, a car screen or a store cashier. Touch screen gloves make your life easier. The technology is based on electrical conductivity. The leather of the touch screen gloves is treated so that it is electrically permeable to the skin. The treatment makes the leather slightly matte. That’s why leather is only used on the palm side - not the entire glove. On some models, touch screen leather is used only on the index finger and thumb. The touch screen gloves are made of Ethiopian sheepskin nappa leather. Sheepskin nappa leather, so-called surface leather, is inherently thin, very smooth and beautifully shiny. Through-dyed leather retains its bright color beautiful.

Our selection of touch screen gloves is both lined and unlined. The gloves are made of warm wool lining, luxurious silk lining. Wool, cashmere and their mixture have been used in the knitted lining. The service life of the gloves is extended by the mountain change service we offer. The lining is always the fastest wearing part of the glove, while the leather lasts longer.

The beautiful life of the leather can be extended with good care. Caring for gloves is simple. Avoid getting the glove wet. After use, stretch the gloves lengthwise to straighten wrinkles and dents formed during use. Store gloves upright in an airy place to allow any moisture that may form during use to evaporate. The natural fats in the glove leather protect the leather from drying out, and no skin care products are needed when the glove is used properly.