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Mens Leather Gloves

Leather gloves should be a part of every gentleman’s wardrobe, whether that includes a sleek, sporty pair for driving or a fur-lined winter warmer for a cold snap. Or both! In fact, with Sauso’s superb glove collection, keeping the choice down to just two pairs may cause some difficulty. Especially after experiencing the sumptuous feel, sophisticated style, and unsurpassed quality of every single Sauso glove.

Finland’s Leading Glove Manufacturer

Sauso didn’t become the best in the business overnight. The company worked tirelessly and invested decades into refining their product. Almost a century, in fact. With over 90 years of experience, glove making has been instilled into every generation of the Sauso family, beginning with the current owner’s grandfather, back in the 1920s. After training under German masters, Svante opened his first factory in 1929.

Production continued in Finland up until the late ‘80s when experts retired, and the craft was sadly lost, making it almost impossible to find skilled artisans within Finnish borders. As a result, the family made the decision to relocate manufacturing to the world’s center of glove-making, the beautiful Hungarian city of Pecs. The city’s long-standing tradition within the field allowed Sauso’s passion for exceptional quality to remain intact.

Despite the crafting process taking place in Hungary, all designs are still created in Helsinki. This combination of first-rate manufacture and modern Scandinavian design ensures a finished product like no other. In addition, Sauso uses only the best materials, which are ethically sourced from around the globe to guarantee durability, comfort, and the utmost class.

Ample Choice for the Modern Man

Sauso’s catalog of men's leather gloves reveals a vast choice, offering plenty of variety in terms of skin, lining, style, color, price, and length. If you’re looking for a specific design or material, you’re sure to find it here. And if not, you can always send an email to discuss the possibility of fashioning your very own pair of customized gloves. Here are a few examples within the category of leather gloves mens:

  • HEIKKI Peccary 100% Cashmere: Representing the ‘Rolls Royce’ of luxury gloves, this exquisite pair blends the dreamiest lining imaginable with the unique leather of the peccary boar, renowned for its distinctive pattern, incredible softness, and ultimate durability. The striking cork coloring finishes the gloves to perfection.
  • KIM Deer 100% Wool Black/Red: An ideal option for the cold winter months, a wool lining fused with the soft skin of a deer will keep your hands warm even in the bitterest of conditions. This particular pair exudes a chic yet sporty vibe, with the decorative stitches, wrist clasp, and red trim ensuring practicality at the height of fashion.
  • VILLE Nappa Cotton Unlined Brown: The benefits of wearing gloves when driving extend far beyond merely looking good. Anyone familiar with luxury cars will know the advantages of protecting soft leather or even wooden steering wheels through the use of gloves. Add to that increased grip, warmth in colder temperatures, and the prevention of hand fatigue, and it’s easy to see why so many car enthusiasts are hooked on gloves. The Ville model boasts a beautiful crocheted back with four holes to let your skin breathe, keeping you cool in every sense of the word.

Why Invest in Quality Gloves?

It’s no secret that quality costs. Yet investment in a premium product certainly has its benefits, aside from the obvious draw of luxury. Check out the following advantages of opting for handcrafted gloves of the finest quality:

1) Sauso gloves are made to last: Selecting the best skins and fibers makes a significant impact in creating gloves that can be enjoyed year after year. Sauso products are synonymous with durability. Deer, elk, lamb, reindeer, and peccary leathers are all chosen, not just for their suppleness and soft touch, but on the basis of their resilience. The majority of linings are made from natural mountain fibers, yet even those of the highest standard are liable to wear away before the outer leather layer. That’s why Sauso offers a lining exchange service to ensure every pair lasts as long as it should.

2) Sustainable fashion is the only way forward for a better world: Buying multiple items at a low cost has numerous repercussions. From forced labor to environmental damage, the fashion industry is regarded as one of the planet’s biggest polluters. Sauso is 100% committed to reducing that negative impact.

3) Sauso gloves actually do their job: Owning a pair of gloves from the Sauso range will give your wardrobe a stylish edge that is certain to impress. But beauty is not the only thing the brand delivers. If you intend to wear your gloves for long periods, comfort is a must. If you want to use your gloves season after season, durability is essential. And if you’re planning to spend any amount of time out and about in cold temperatures, warmth would undoubtedly be welcome. With Sauso, you can be assured that the gloves you choose will satisfy all your needs.

Why is it Sustainable to Buy Ethically Made Leather Gloves?

For starters, Sauso never sources skins and furs from animals that are farmed, instead of using only those that live freely in the wild or are semi or fully domesticated. All animals are bred or hunted purely for their meat, with the skin being merely a by-product of the food industry. In some cases, as with the Finnish elk, the animals are hunted to keep their numbers sustainable.

The gloves are handcrafted through the traditional method of table cutting. This process requires skills of the highest level, which results in both a first-class product with an impeccable fit and a significant reduction in waste material. Gloves are one of the best items to manufacture in this regard, as their smaller parts can be fashioned from the most minute pieces of leather. Naturally, Sauso’s tanneries comply with all EU regulations and operate solely with REACH certified chemicals, with the skins emitting a minimal amount of residue.

How Do Leather Gloves Keep the Hands Warm?

Leather acts as a second layer of skin, which protects against the elements while letting your hands breathe. Apart from being tough and durable, leather is also extremely flexible, even at low temperatures. And it provides excellent protection against the harshest of winds. The particular type of leather naturally affects its ability to keep you warm. Sauso gloves are created from the best skins available, and the winter range includes a variety of luxurious linings to add that extra layer of insulation. Linings include:

  • 100% Cashmere: Velvety soft, lightweight, breathable yet warm, this sumptuous lining makes the ultimate combination with leather for gloves that transcend luxury.
  • Cashmere Blend: Comprising 55% cashmere and 45% wool, this lining blends the best of both worlds, keeping your hands snug throughout the winter.
  • 100% Silk: Smooth and easy to slip on, the silk option provides insulation and warmth yet feels pleasantly cool against the skin.
  • 100% Wool: Ensuring your hands remain incredibly toasty, natural wool fiber makes the perfect thermal insulator.
  • Lamb Fur: Lining Sauso’s selection of mittens, lamb fur is the top choice for protection against the bitterest of frosts.

Why Choose Sauso Gloves?

The men’s collection of Sauso gloves offers style, comfort, and class with every single pair. The entire process, from design to development, is completed with the utmost care and attention. No less than 100 steps are involved in manufacture. All materials are ethically sourced and of exceptional quality. A pair of Sauso gloves guarantee to bring sophistication, elegance, and luxury to every gentleman’s wardrobe.