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Womens Leather Gloves from Sauso

Sauso is a world-renowned producer of all types of leather gloves. It is based in Helsinki, Finland, where you can find their own shop. Within this exquisite store, any visitor can see first-hand a huge range of womens gloves that are available. Customers can try on as many pairs as they like to be assured of the right style and fit. Since it is operated by highly trained and professional staff, you are sure to experience excellent customer service. The company also has a very informative online website where anyone can check out their extensive product range. The site gives details on existing and established styles and even any newly designed womens gloves that are available. Customers can buy online with a money-back guarantee and a 14-day free returns policy. Check out which womens leather gloves are best for you. Maybe you want to purchase a gift for a loved one, family member, or friend. Many types of leather handwear are available to suit every occasion.

Quality of the Manufacturing Process

Sauso prides itself on using only the best artisan workers to produce their leather gloves for use as women's fashion accessories. The process of manufacture involves more than 100 stages before the finished gloves are ready for sale. An essential part of the production is the use of a highly-skilled master cutter to stretch and cut each piece of leather individually. This is to ensure the handwear is made to exacting standards and assures a perfect fit every time.

Quality of the Materials Used

All materials used are by-products from the farming and hunting process and use deer, elk, peccary, and reindeer skins for their construction. For example, it is permissible to hunt elk in Finland to ensure the safety of road users. This is a sustainable source of materials, and rest-assured Sauso is conscious of the need to conserve the environment. Linings are made from cashmere, silk and wool to maintain the theme of top quality materials. For a warmer lining, rabbit, fleece, wool, and lamb fur can also be chosen. Womens leather gloves are even available unlined for a more refined appreciation of the sensuality of the feeling of leather on skin.

What are Leather Gloves Used For?

Leather gloves for womens use are most well-known as stylish fashion accessories when attending a special party or function. You are sure to turn heads and make a statement when you wear the best quality womens leather gloves. Sauso has recently developed an innovative design for womens gloves, as they can be used on touchscreens such as computers, laptops, and information screens. The leather gloves (womens wear) can also be used in sports, for warmth in cold weather, and as an elegant driving accompaniment. They can also be worn all year round as a practical form of clothing.

Tips for Warmth

These womens leather gloves can be an excellent source of warmth in the winter or on cold days throughout the year. Sauso's winter range has an extensive selection of womens handcrafted products to suit any style or taste. This range is available in cotton knit and all manner of warm linings from lamb fur and rabbit fur, giving a cozy but stylish look to your winter fashion choice.

Style Tips for Ladies Leather Gloves and Different Colours

This womens handwear is available in many different colors, from beige through to yellow. And the full collection can be seen on Sauso's website or by personal visit to their elegant store in Helsinki. The choice of black to accompany a favorite dress can enhance a sexy and sensual choice of gloves, which will ensure that you turn heads at a party or formal dinner. With so many colors to choose from, you can be sure to find the right style and fit for any outfit. Wear these fashionable womens leather gloves in any color, and you will undoubtedly be the star of the ball.

How to Style Different Accessories With Sauso Gloves

Any choice of style or color not only needs to match your outfit but also complement other fashion choices such as handbags, shoes, the color of a dress, lipstick etc. Because Sauso offers such a vast range of stylish, elegant products, it is easy to match them with your choice of fashion. Think about wearing a black leather outfit set off by a sumptuous pair of black gloves, and you increase your sex appeal and allure. Try wearing different colors together for a more outrageous style. The choice is yours! By manufacturing the highest quality handwear in many different styles and colors, Sauso has the best women's leather gloves to suit everyone's desires and tastes.