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  • Womens Leather Winter Gloves

    Brace yourself. Winter is right around the corner. Fortunately, Sauso, a leading glove producer in Finland, is continuing its 90-year tradition of creating exceptional, classic hand wear. Implementing sustainable practices, the company obtains real leather from the food industry and other sustainable sources to create durable, practical, and stylish handmade gloves for the modern woman.

    Each Sauso product is handcrafted, ensuring high-end fashion. The company’s unrivaled reputation in the industry is fueled by attention to detail and commitment to quality. By monitoring every part of the production process, the manufacturer ensures that each pair of gloves exceeds customers’ expectations. From selecting the finest materials to a painstaking design process, Sauso redefines what it means to make a glove. For three generations, this family-run business has worked to create hand wear that rivals works of art.

    Are Leather Gloves Good for Winter?

    Sourcing materials from global vendors, the company sells quality hand wear to fit the way that consumers live, work, and play during the fall and winter months. In fact, the manufacturer’s 100 work steps for creating gloves ensures buyers receive an exquisite design and impeccable fit. With careful attention to detail, craftsmen cut and stretch the leather to ensure quality and durability. The process involves attention to detail to ensure that each pair meets quality control standards.

    High quality helps consumers to choose products for practical reasons, such as keeping hands warm, shoveling snow, or performing tasks outside. Usability is the keyword. For leisure and work, some consumers require waterproof gloves. For high-end events, stylish designs complement the sophisticated look to match whichever coat or outfit the buyer wears. Customers may also dress down for fun with the family. In all these instances, Sauso offers a wide selection fit for winter use.

    By paying close attention to both the fine exterior and the interior lining, Sauso gives its customers high quality and craftsmanship. The exterior leather is sustainably sourced, ensuring durable, long-lasting gloves. Interior linings range from silk to fine cashmere, creating warmth and comfort, as the wearer’s hands slide easily into masterfully created hand wear.

    Are Cashmere Gloves Warm?

    According to one study, women’s hands are more likely to have lower temperatures than men. When it’s cold, the body automatically redirects blood from the extremities to the body’s core to protect vital organs. In addition, some women experience blood vessel constriction in cold weather due to hormones. As a result, blood flows to the extremities at a slower rate, resulting in colder hands.

    One way to combat cold hands is by wearing cashmere gloves. Cashmere is an effective insulator because the fabric has multiple woven strands of hair fibers. These fibers are from a goat breed that has its origins in Pakistan and India. When master craftsmen use thicker cashmere in gloves less air escapes, keeping hands warm and comfy. Sauso not only makes cashmere-lined products to combat cold hands, but the company also produces wool- and fur-lined gloves, offering consumers impeccable quality and comfortable linings to ensure warm hands in the coldest seasons.

    Do Leather Gloves Keep Your Hands Warm?

    Leather is an exceptional material for several reasons. From giving a good grip while driving to protecting the hands from fatigue while working, the durable material has many practical uses. Sometimes made of elk or sheepskin, leather also blocks the cold wind. However, for optimal warmth consumers should consider gloves with an interior lining, like cashmere, wool, or fur. These extra, interior layers insulate the hands from cold weather. Luckily, Sauso’s well-crafted, exceptional-looking products keep hands warm.

    With hands protected, women are free to enjoy the things they love to do in the winter. From enjoying outings with family and friends to escaping for a holiday, those who wear stylish Sauso gloves are free to experience life on their terms, regardless of the climate. Sauso’s handwear comes along for the ride like a trusted friend, providing warmth and comfort.

    Cashmere-Lined Gloves

    The company’s cashmere-lining provides the ultimate hand wear experience. The sleek design, coupled with durable, quality craftsmanship brings global consumers the best of both worlds, unrivaled workmanship and fashionable style. Every natural fiber insulates women's hands from the cold weather, creating a barrier that keeps hands warm in colder seasons.

    Yet, it’s the experience that makes this company special. With more than 90 years in the business, Sauso delivers customers the best gloves available. In a competitive market, Sauso stands out by creating exceptional hand wear products, including mittens.

    Designed in beautiful Helsinki and hand-crafted in Hungary, Sauso gloves must pass internal inspections, meeting the company’s core values of timeless design, quality, and sustainability. With a global customer base, buyers worldwide enjoy the soft, flexible, and comfortable feel of expertly crafted gloves from Sauso.

    Fur-Lined Gloves

    Practicality meets style with fur-lined hand wear from Sauso. The company offers handcrafted gloves for customers to choose from ethiopian hairsheep leather with rabbit fur lining to double-faced lamb fur mittens for a comfortable fit, sleek look, and warm design. Women’s fur-lined gloves provide the necessary accessory, which accentuates the daily look.

    Whether they are cut, cinched, notched, or stitched, consumers shall find stylish Sauso hand wear to fit any wardrobe. With a variety of colors and cuts, the power to keep your hands warm and fashionable is at your fingertips. Choose from a plethora of exquisite gloves products made with creative artistry to take your fashion to the next level.

    How to Buy Sauso Gloves?

    From sourcing materials to shipping to the end-user, the life cycle for Sauso products is not complete without the consumer. If you happen to visit Helsinki, stop in Sauso’s store to experience friendly service and an excellent selection, which is sure to impress. Buyers may also shop for Sauso products online. With just a few clicks, consumers view the masterful hand wear collection on the company’s website at https://sauso.com/naisten-talvikaesineet.

    Upon visiting the website, experience a virtual, online glove-buying adventure. Consumers may view Sauso’s exceptional craftsmanship and quality, just in time for cooler weather. Immerse yourself in stylish designs, which women appreciate. Complement attire and accessorize fashion choices. Pick from impeccably designed and comfortable fitting products. Slide your hands into mittens, which feel like they were made especially for you. After you try one pair, Sauso may very well be the only brand that you’ll allow to comfort and protect your hands.