Premium Materials

Premium quality is only achieved by combining high-quality work with the best possible materials. Leather in gloves should be thin - only about 0.5 to 1.1 mm thick but also strong and flexible depending on the quality of the leather. Gloves are needed to be soft and they can not stain. All leathers and furs are acquired as by-products of food industry or well controlled hunting.

In lining materials our criteria are as high as in leather. We only use natural materials, such as 100% wool, 100% cashmere, cashmere wool blend and silk. Sheep and rabbit fur are great lining materials for extreme cold weathers. The temperature control and breathability of these materials are in a class of their own. For those who are allergic to wool we also have organic cotton fleece lined gloves and mittens.

Handcrafted gloves made of premium quality leathers are very durable. Often the lining wears out faster than leather. This is why we offer our customers a lining change service so that it is possible to change linings. 


In Finnish nature there is a treasure for the glove manufacturing industry: elk. Leather from Finnish wild elks is an ethical and ecological material perfect for gloves. The leather is a by-product of hunting practiced to control the elk population and that is necessary for traffic safety, agriculture and forestry. Elk leather is beautifully grainy leather with buttery soft finish. It has an unique structure that makes it very breathable, heat-insulating and durable at the same time. The leather is durable and warm, and has a beautiful texture. As the leather is quite thick, all gloves are made using a "lasch"-seam which gives the gloves a relaxed and effortless look. 


The majority of our nappa leather gloves are made of Ethiopian hairs sheep leather. Nappa leather from Ethiopian hair sheep is supple and soft, so it moulds perfectly to the shape of the wearer’s hands. Nappa leather is also known for its beautiful shine. This leather is the finest and thinnest of all glove leathers. The step seam used in these gloves is a very challenging seam type, mastered only by the best seamstresses.
The leather of this breed of sheep is particularly well suited for gloves as it meets all the above criteria. We use the finest dyed aniline leather which has not been treated in any other way besides dyeing. The leather retains it's natural oiliness which makes it flexible, soft and it shapes well to hand.
There are also few special types of sheep leather gloves in our collection such as touch screen leather gloves and OIL-tech leather gloves.
  • Touch screen leather gloves are very practical in modern environment. The touch screen feature of the gloves is based on the electrical conductivity of the leather. The leather is treated in such a way that the electricity of the skin passes through it. This treatment makes the leather slightly matte. This leather is only used on the palm side of the gloves. The back of the gloves is made with regular lamb nappa leather.
  • OIL TECH leather is used in sport gloves such as golf gloves and horse riding gloves. OIL TECH treatment makes the leather more resistant to moisture and sweat. The treatment also further improves the grip of the glove.


CITES protected peccary is the nobility of glove making. Peccary is hunted in the Peruvian jungles for food and as a by-product of hunting it's magnificient leather is perfect material for classic gloves. And as always with leather derived from wild species, each hide is unique, reflecting the life of the individual animal. The leather is really durable so the gloves made from it will bring joy for years to come. Material is so soft that it can almost be described as a second skin. The structure of the leather is porous, making it breathable and warm making it suitable for different types of gloves all year round. All peccary gloves are made by hand from leather cut to finishing touches. The leathers is quite thick so the seams must be sown by hand-stiching, making the process very time consuming.


Deer resembles elk in it's properties. Difference is that deer leather is thinner and it's structure is denser making it possible to be used in more light gloves. The denser structure makes it velvety smooth but still abrasion resistant which makes it excellent material for gloves. This luxury leather has limited availability in Finland which is why we also source it from the United States where the quality of the leather meets our high requirements.


As a Finn it is not necessary to seek luxury leather from the other side of the world. Finnish reindeer leather is in a class of its own when it comes to gloves manufacturing. It is naturally thin, very durable and has a silky smooth feel to the skin. Our reindeer leathers are moisture and dirt repellent and they are suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. We use both a reindeer suede and a reindeer nappa in our gloves.