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Product information and size
How do I choose the right size gloves?

To find the right size, measure your larger hand (usually your writing hand) at its widest point without a thumb. The circumference of the hand is measured very firmly around the hand. Tip: If you do not have a tape measure, you can use a string. Measure the circumference of the hand with the string and then measure the length of the string with a ruler. This measurement result allows you to select the correct size from the selected size chart. (The size chart can be found on each product page.) If the measurement is between two sizes, we recommend rounding to the nearest half or full size. When rounding to the nearest size, consider the length of your fingers. If you have long fingers or keep your nails long, choose a larger size. If the model of your hand is more wide than the long model, choose a smaller size - this way the fingers are not too long. The glove should sit firmly at the beginning, as the leather stretches slightly in use and shapes in your hand over time.

I ordered my regular size, but the glove is tighter than my old gloves. Do the gloves stretch to fit in use?

The gloves are shaped to fit in the hand during use. The glove size is suitable when it fits very snugly at the top. You can grab the leather from the side of the palm, leaving the edge of the glove to detach from the side of the hand by just a few millimeters. However, it is a good idea to have a few millimeters of space at the ends of the fingers at first, because in use the fingers of the glove shorten a bit.

Can the gloves be ordered with your own dimensions or individual details?

Yes you can. The price of the gloves depends on the work to be done and the materials. In principle, commissioned work is based on changes based on existing models. Ordinary custom work is changes to the last: shorter or longer fingers. Changes to the model can include, for example, an optional color, different arm lengths, and changes in other details. Custom orders and individual orders are accepted at our brick-and-mortar store, Mikonkatu 7, Helsinki. Ask more at info@sauso.com or visit our shop.

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Glove care instructions
How are gloves maintained in daily use?

Always after use, it is a good idea to stretch the gloves lightly lengthwise. This keeps the shape of the gloves good and prevents the formation of wrinkles on the skin. Gloves should be kept at an airy level. When putting in a pocket, it is a good idea to fold the gloves on top of each other - not on the bottom of the pocket. Avoid getting the gloves wet! Very bright and intense colors can release some color when wet. However, if your gloves get wet, allow them to dry on their own at room temperature, preferably on a towel. Small marks caused by wetting can be faded by lightly stretching the leather around and around them in different directions. The shine of the nape skin can be increased by rubbing the gloves with a soft cloth and using a little talcum powder. Suede lint can be improved with a soft brush or a piece of foam. The so-called suede dust that can be removed with a light brush.

Can you wash leather gloves?

Although usually the gloves should not be exposed to water it is still possible to wash them by hand. Do not machine wash leather gloves.

You'll need:

  • Our Leather Soap or Marseille soap. It is important to use a gentle soap with moisturizing ingredients.
  • Two pieces of sponge
  • Famaco Delicate Gel. (Gloves made from the finest leathers should not be exposed to spray or cream containing silicone.)
  • A dish for water
  • Leather Brush
  1. Wear the glove in your hand. Do not immerse gloves in water as lining materials with natural fiber may shrink if the water temperature is too high. Please also note that gloves with fur lining or otherwise containing fur should not be washed with water.
  2. Brush all excess dirt and dust off the leather.
  3. Wet the sponge and squeeze excess water.
  4. Use a sponge to foam the soap and gently rub the leather in circular motion. Work in sections. When you have cleansed a section use a clean side of the sponge to clean the leather of excess soap.
  5. Let the glove dry on a towel in room temperature for 15-30 minutes. While the gloves are still slightly damp gently put them on to restore their original shape.
  6. Repeat the process on the other glove.
  7. Now is time to apply the gel. Wear the glove in your hand. Use a clean sponge. Work in sections with gentle circular motions. A little goes a long way!
  8. Let the gloves dry for 15-30 minutes.
  9. Use a leather brush to make the leather shine and to remove excess product.

Is Sauso a Finnish brand?

Yes! The name of the Sauso brand comes from the surname of the Finnish Sauso family, and the history of Sauso's glove making is closely linked to the history of the Sauso family. Sakari Sauso's grandfather Svante Sauso learned glove making from German masters, and founded a factory manufacturing quality gloves in 1929 in Järvenpää. Now in the third generation, Sakari Sauso continues to manufacture quality gloves with the same quality principles as his grandfather. The gloves are being designed in Helsinki, where Sauso's own brick-and-mortar store is also located.

Where are gloves made?

The gloves are handcrafted in Europe, in the beautiful city of Pécs, Hungary, which is considered the center of excellence in the production of quality gloves. There is no longer any training or little craft skills in this field in Finland. The manufacture of gloves requires very specific craftsmanship, which fortunately can still be found in Hungary. Read more on the "Manufacturing" page.

Why do gloves cost so much?

The recipe for making durable and ethical gloves is simple but very demanding. Every single pair is carefully crafted from quality materials. What is needed is a highly skilled designer, cutter and glove seamstress. Materials are needed that are suitable for this challenging garment. The leather and lining must be very durable but flexible and at the same time thin but as warm as possible. (Read more about materials on the "Materials" page.) Making well-fitting and durable gloves is also very time consuming. We use a hundreds of years old table cutting method in which each hides and leather needed for a pair of gloves is stretched and cut separately, all by hand. This ensures the right fit of the glove. On a skillful cutter table, it takes about 20 minutes to cut one pair of gloves. The stitching speed of hand-covered patterns is about 2.5 pairs of gloves per day for one seamstress. Sewing machine-sewn seams is a bit faster. The fact that there are only a dozen glove factories in the world that produce gloves using the traditional table cutting method also gives perspective to this. Responsible production in Europe also means fair wages and safe conditions for workers.

Repairs and complaints
The lining of the old Sauso gloves is broken, can it be replaced?

The gloves are sewn so that the lining is replaceable. Often, the knitted lining wears out faster than leather in use, so changing the lining extends the life of the gloves.

How does the lining exchange service work?

The lining exchange service operates through our store on Mikonkatu. After delivering the gloves to the store and making the payment, the gloves are shipped to the factory where the glove seamers remove the old lining and sew the new lining onto the glove. You will be notified when the gloves are ready to be picked up. If you wish, you can also pay for home delivery.

How do I deal with a complaint?

The quality of the gloves is an honor for us, so if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. Handmade gloves are carefully made and finished, but can sometimes give rise to a rare complaint. For example, a detached seam or a quickly detached lining, or a rare skin tear are grounds for complaint. The solution of the complaint is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In case of complaints, deal directly with our store: Mikonkatu 7, Helsinki or contact info@sauso.com. To speed up transactions, attach your contact information, order number, date of purchase, place of purchase, and a picture of the gloves to the e-mail.

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Ordering and payment
How can I use my gift card in an online store?

If you have received a gift card or discount code in our online store, you can use it in your shopping cart. Enter the discount code in “Do you have a promotional code” and press the “Add” button. Please ensure that the total amount of your order changes according to the discount code. This is a sign that the code has gone through successfully.

Can the gloves be picked up and tried in-store?

Yes you can. Choose “Pickup” as the delivery method for the order, and you can pick up the gloves from the store, Mikonkatu 7, Helsinki. If you wish, you can try the gloves in-store and, if necessary, exchange the gloves to a different size for example.

Mitkä maksutavat ovat käytössäni?

Käytämme Paytrail- maksupalveluntarjoajaa. Sen kautta maksutapoina käyvät verkkopankkimaksut (Nordea, OP, Danske Bank, Ålandsbanken, Aktia, POP pankki, Säästöpankki, Oma Säästöpankki, Handelsbanken & S-pankki) , Paypal, kortti- & luottokorttimaksut (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard & American Express) sekä lasku ja osamaksu (Collector bank). 

Return and exchange
Can I exchange the product I ordered from the online store for another in your store?

Yes you can. Please bring an unused product and order confirmation.

How can I return my order?

Read more detailed instructions: https://sauso.com/en/info/returns-and-exhanges

Can I exchange the product I ordered for another one?

Exchange is possible for our products within 30 days of receiving the order. However, due to high demand and limited product batches, instead of a standard exchange return, we recommend the following: Re-order the product you want from our online store and make a traditional return on the product you have already received.

By doing this, we ensure that the product you want is still available when the return arrives. That route is also much faster, as it can take a few weeks for the replacement product to arrive for you as an exchange refund. However, new orders can be shipped according to the normal delivery schedule, ie in about 1-3 days.

That is 1. Order the new product you want. 2. Return the product to be replaced. 3. You will get your money back for the returned product.

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