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Leather Driving Gloves

Since the invention of the very first motor car, gloves for driving have been a popular accessory. They not only serve an important practical purpose when driving but also provide a timelessly chic look for the wearer. High quality, finely made driving gloves from Sauso are sure to wow anyone who sees them and make the driver feel at their glamorous best. There are numerous reasons why driving gloves are an essential part of an outfit for both men and women.

The Benefits of Driving Gloves

All professional race car sportsmen wear driving gloves from the start to the finish line. This is because the increased grip helps them to have better control over their vehicle. A good pair of driving gloves will allow for more precise steering. It is not just racing professionals who can benefit from their use. People all over the world will encounter driving situations in which they need a fast and accurate response. Their hands will have to stay glued to the steering wheel. A high-quality pair of driving gloves achieves this purpose perfectly.

They also help to reduce hand fatigue. This is important for people who take long, regular drives. It is a little known fact that most truck drivers utilize them so that their hands do not suffer abrasions while gripping the wheel. Non-truckers are unlikely to need to worry about such an extreme scenario. However, they can still enjoy the benefits of a pair of driving gloves.

It is not just the hands of the driver that can suffer during long journeys. The steering wheel itself may also begin to suffer wear. However, driving gloves will preserve the valuable material of the wheel, which in turn should maintain the resale price of the car when it is time to upgrade.

History of Driving Gloves

Leather gloves, in general, have been around for centuries. This is because the material is so reliable. Early motorcars of the 1890s exposed the driver to icy conditions. Internal heating in cars was not invented until the 1930s. In the meantime, a strong leather pair of driving gloves called "gauntlets" were an obvious choice for motorists. It would cover the wrist and connect over the sleeve of the driver's coat. Early on, it was already popular to line a pair of driving gloves with warm furs or skins.

The first leather driving gloves were much thicker than modern ones, so wearers did not have the same amount of dexterity afforded to those today. The material would also have been significantly heavier. Since steering mechanisms for driving were cruder, there was less need for sensitive movements. Since then, modern, high-quality leather driving gloves have been perfected. They have the same protection and insulation level of older driving gloves while giving much more freedom in terms of hand and finger mobility when driving.

Once car heating was developed, drivers gloves tended to be made from lightweight leather and had a tighter fit. Perforations were added to cool down the hands of driver gloves. Along the palm, rows of stitches provided extra grip support to make driving easier. With these type of driving gloves, the wearer could keep a firm hold on their steering wheel with greater ease. From the 1950s onwards, a more fashion-forward design was invented. These types of driving gloves have remained popular to this day. It provides all of the practical benefits of its predecessor driving gloves while creating a debonair attractive look. Wearers of Sauso driving gloves make a clear style statement, one that has stood the test of time.

Why Use Leather Driving Gloves?

Leather as a material is perfect for the creation of driving gloves. It can be easily shaped, cut, and stretched to fit the hand of the person driving. High-quality leather is durable enough to handle the long term constant use demanded of such driving gloves. The inner part of it can be lined with additional material to increase insulation. Meanwhile, the outer layer has the resilience to protect the hand from cold conditions whilst driving.

The surface of this texture is proven to reduce the vibrations that cause hand fatigue when driving. If breathable meshes or holes are added to the knuckles, they will offer the ventilation needed to keep hands cool during the summer months. Therefore they are ideal for all forms of extreme weather conditions. It is the perfect barrier between bare skin and the steering wheel's surface because it prevents abrasion while maintaining comfort.

Another critical aspect of this material is its aesthetic value. Leather has been used in fashion for centuries because of its versatility and timeless, stylish look. Anyone who wears a Sauso leather driving glove will embody class.

What to Look For in a Good Driving Glove

There are two main factors that go into a special driving glove. The first is the materials themselves. Sauso only uses the finest leathers which meet their very high standards. These come from all over the world. They need to be soft, flexible, and very durable. Good quality gloves from drive to drive will maintain reliability. The second factor is the craftsmanship that goes into making the glove. Sauso has been at the forefront of Finnish glove manufacture for more than 90 years.

Sauso artisans are exceptionally skilled and utilize unique techniques. The driving gloves are 100% handmade by people who know how to produce the best quality products. Another critical aspect of a good pair of leather driving gloves is the fit. They should feel snug while still allowing for grip and dexterity. This is undoubtedly the case for Sauso driving gloves. They come in a variety of sizes. Customers can even get a custom fit at the store in Helsinki.

Style Tips For Driving Gloves

Leather might seem like a simple material, but it is actually extremely versatile. The wearer should easily be able to find a pair of driving gloves that suits their own unique style and personality. There are a number of factors to consider in this regard. Perhaps the most important one is the color of the driving gloves. It is important to match the color of the driving gloves with other elements of the outfit. This should be a shade that compliments the wearer's skin tone, eyes, and hair. Some fashionistas prefer to go even further by basing their gloves on the color of their car. It does not have to match the exact hue. Instead, it could be a color that goes well with the car paint. For instance, brown leather gloves will compliment a blue, orange, or yellow painted car.

The texture of the material will also affect the overall style of the ensemble. There are plenty of different leather types to choose from. Each has its own texture, which will reflect the light differently. Once this has been decided, it is time to choose whether to go for a more classic or modern-looking form of driving gloves. This, too, will inform how the entire outfit looks. It is best to go for one that makes the wearer look and feel confident, suave, and sexy.

Balancing Style and Comfort

One of the great things about leather is that while it looks great on anyone, it can also provide a very comfortable fit. Synthetic alternatives are popular in inferior gloves. They tend to overheat and provide inadequate breathability. They will also often be too thick and cumbersome to give the dexterity required for driving. In contrast, high-quality leather will strike the perfect balance between style and comfort. It is the only material able to form gloves without sacrificing one benefit for the other.

There is a reason why leather has been favored by professional race car drivers for decades. Gloves of this type will fit so well that the driver will not be distracted by any discomfort. At the same time, a pair of leather driving gloves will look chic and can go with practically any outfit. When racecar drivers are shown surrounded by women after a race, they will often also be wearing a pair of leather driving gloves.

Sustainable Driver Gloves

It is best to go for gloves that comes from a responsible company dedicated to sustainability and ethics. The leather used in Sauso products is either a by-product of the food industry or from animals that are ethically hunted to keep their numbers at a healthy level. Customers can rest assured that the animals are domestic, semi-grain, or completely wild and free in nature.

A minimum amount of waste is also generated during the cutting phase of gloves manufacture. Furthermore, all of the chemicals used to make Sauso leather gloves are REACH-certified, ensuring their safety levels. Wearers are even able to extend the life of their gloves by using the lining change service. All of these factors combine to form an ethically made leather product.

What Makes Sauso Driving Gloves Superior?

For three generations, Sauso has been at the forefront of gloves manufacturing within Finland. The company has been going for more than 90 years. During that time, they have amassed an excellent reputation for their high-quality products. Their leather driving gloves are second to none. They imbue a classic look while still being ideal for everyday contemporary use.

When people buy gloves from Sauso, they know they are getting a handcrafted artisan product made from sustainable and ethical sources. They also have a timeless design, so wearers will not have to worry about their driving gloves ever going out of style. These gloves are created in Pecs, Hungary, which is considered the global center of fine glove making. They are then sold at the Sauso gloves store in Helsinki, as well as the main website. The latter buying option is particularly convenient for international buyers worldwide.

When people choose Sauso gloves, they are getting the best possible product made from superior materials by skilled craftsmen. They are also making a long term investment as a pair of gloves from Sauso is made with longevity in mind.

Treating Yourself or That Special Someone

Leather driving gloves will simply scream luxury and sophistication. It is the ideal gift to give to yourself in order to wow others on the road. Investing in one's own looks will often lead to increased feelings of confidence and possibly even better love life. A man wearing leather gloves will undoubtedly look suave. Meanwhile, a woman in them will appear elegant, as well as extremely fashion conscious as these accessories are always in vogue.

Gloves of this type is not just to buy for yourself. It is also perfect as a gift to others, especially for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. Sauso offers gift cards so that recipients can spend the money on the gloves of their choice from the extensive catalog.