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    Leather Winter Gloves

    During the winter months, it is undoubtedly essential to choose a glove that keeps the hands warm effectively. While comfort is a crucial consideration, there is really no need to sacrifice style for the sake of it. High-quality winter gloves will always make the wearer both look and feel their best. Sauso is artisanal leatherwork at its finest. There is a wide range of stylish leather winter gloves to choose from for the discerning gentleman or lady.

    What are the Best Gloves for Winter?

    There are several factors that can be used to measure the quality of winter gloves. First and foremost, they will need to keep the hands warm. In order for this to happen, the winter gloves should be made from the best materials by a gifted craftsman. It is ideal to choose ones that are 100% handmade. This will ensure that they have been assembled with the most incredible amount of care and attention.

    Durability is another factor that will need to be considered. Gloves will tend to encounter a great degree of wear and should, therefore, be able to withstand long-term use. The best gloves for the winter are resilient and tough enough to guarantee longevity. Once again, this will naturally be determined the quality of the materials and the skills of those who put them together.

    Fashion will also dictate the best gloves to be worn during the colder months of the year. Stylistic trends are ever-changing. However, there are certain accessories that never go out of vogue. One good example of this is leather winter gloves. They are an ever-popular choice for keeping the hands warm while still looking as classy as possible. The ever-enduring iconic look of them, as well as their outstanding level of comfort and durability, makes leather winter gloves the perfect choice.

    Are Leather Gloves Good for Winter?

    Leather is naturally great at protecting and insulating whatever it is covering, including gloves. Its tough texture also helps to increase the durability of gloves. A glove product made from leather will give breathability not possible with more modern synthetic ones. This material is also able to be easily cut and stretched into any size or shape. In practice, this makes it the perfect material for custom fittings.

    The material is popular around the world for gloves because it is so comfortable to wear. In many ways, it feels like wearing a second skin. The best leather gloves will be made in a way that allows them to breathe without having to sacrifice warmth. Durability is another advantage that leather has over inferior types of gloves. Not only does it protect the wearer from winter conditions, but it also has a classic chic look that never goes out of style.

    Leather Winter Gloves History

    Readers who are still skeptical about the effectiveness of leather as a glove material should look to its history. For centuries the makers of winter gloves have relied very much on leather. They are known to have been worn throughout the middle ages by both soldiers and people of nobility. American frontiersmen relied on them as they explored the New World. In this sense, leather gloves are a tried and tested accessory which has stood the test of time. Countless generations have utilized these gloves to keep their hands warm during harsh winters.

    During the reign of English queen Elizabeth I, gloves from this material became an important symbol of wealth and status. This tradition has continued into the modern-day and is likely to do so in the future. It could even be argued that leather gloves are a vital aspect of the history of fashion. The main difference between leather gloves of the Elizabethan period and those of today is that manufacturers of modern gloves have perfected the process. Customers get to enjoy a clothing item made from a reliable, robust material with all the benefits of 21st-century glove-making techniques.

    Do Leather Gloves Keep Your Hands Warm?

    As previously stated, the primary purpose of the winter gloves is to keep the hands warm. While there are other options out there, leather has a number of advantages. Other types of gloves tend to be much thicker in order to insulate. This ends up reducing the amount of dexterity the wearer has. In contrast, the leather gloves will not only provide much-needed warmth but also allow for a significant amount of grip and support. For this reason, the material is used in driving gloves. If this material is used to make these gloves then they will strike the ideal balance between elegance and performance.

    Despite being thinner than cheaper gloves for the winter, leather ones do an impressive job of protecting against the elements. These gloves are incredibly efficient at shielding the wearer from biting cold winds. This is because the leather chosen for these gloves comes from animals that are used to enduring harsh cold environments. It, therefore, makes sense that this material will keep hands warm.

    For added insulation, customers could also choose a pair of gloves that have a lining layer to them. The linings available in Sauso products include wool, fine cashmere, and silk. Lamb sheering is also used for gloves that need to provide additional protection from the cold. With all of these options available, it is easy to find a pair of gloves made from leather that can do a great job of keeping the wearer's hands warm.

    Can Leather Gloves Be Sustainable?

    Before buying one of these accessories, the customer should do some research on the company. That way, they can determine their policies when it comes to sourcing animal-based materials. The gloves made by Sauso are done so in a sustainable and ethical manner. The skins come from animals that have lived either wholly wild and free in nature, semi-grain, or domestic. The materials to create the gloves are by-products of the meat industry.

    The cutting of the materials is done in such a way that minimizes the amount of waste generated. Furthermore, the chemicals used in their tanneries are all REACH-certified. The overall high quality of the material means the gloves will last for several years. If customers wish to extend the life of their gloves even further, they can use Sauso's lining change service.

    While inferior leatherwork manufacturers can create gloves in a wasteful and unethical manner, this is certainly not the case for Sauso. It stands apart by being aware of sustainability issues and acting in a way that helps the planet as a whole. Recycling and safety regulations are followed when making the gloves.

    Considering The Color Of Gloves

    When it comes to creating a fashionable ensemble, it is crucial that every item of clothing complements the others. This is where color theory comes into play. The first thing the person should do is find out which colors work for their complexion best. Harmonizing the colors of the person's skin tone, eye color, and hair shade with their clothing is an important skill.

    For this reason, the hue of the leather gloves will need to work with the rest of the outfit. In many ways, an accessory is just as significant to the overall look as the main outfit. If a pair of gloves with a clashing or non-matching hue is chosen, this will be noticeable. Therefore it is a wise idea to decide on a particular color of gloves beforehand.

    Some people even like to base their outfit around their gloves. After all, this is a high-quality item of clothing. There is nothing wrong with letting it take priority. For instance, if someone purchases a great looking pair of red gloves, they could buy other clothing items that go well with that color.

    In the past, people would have been more restricted when it came to the hues of their gloves. Black was very common, and while this is a very versatile color, it is not for everyone. Luckily, in modern times there is a more generous amount of choice as the gloves market is thriving. Sauso has enough color options to satisfy anyone. They offer leather gloves in beige, black, blue, brown, green, gray, red, and yellow. It should be noted that these particular colors are perfect for the winter fashion season.

    Considering the Leather Type

    If the color is a vital part of the look of the gloves, then the leather type is just as crucial for the comfort level. It will affect the internal warmth (ability to keep hands warm) as well as how protective the gloves will be against the elements. People who wish to wear them in exceptionally cold environments should choose a thicker type.

    On the other hand, the leather will also affect the aesthetic of the gloves. This is because each leather will have its own unique texture. Some are smooth, and others will have a more distinct surface pattern. A glossy textured pair of gloves may also reflect light, while others absorb it.

    Sauso has a wide range of leather types to suit the needs of many wearers. The options available include curly shearling, deer, lamb Nappa, lamb suede, peccary, and reindeer suede. Depending on the gloves type, it should be between 0.5 and 1.1 mm thick. The fine quality means that these gloves have exceptional temperature control and breathability.

    A Touch of Class

    One of the aspects of winter leather gloves that distinguish them from others is the classy look of them. They make the wearer both look and feel stylish. There is an elegance to the material and shape that sets these accessories apart. This is one of the main reasons why they have endured throughout the centuries.

    The Tudors appreciated the aesthetic of them as well as their ability to keep the hands warm, which is why they were reserved for the wealthy and powerful elite. Today anyone can wear them and enjoy their upmarket appeal. There is no better substitute when it comes to great-looking gloves to wear during the colder months of the year.

    Why is Sauso the Best Gloves Brand?

    The gloves provided by Sauso meet all of the previously stated criteria for a pair of high-quality premium winter gloves. Materials are ethically sourced from around the world and put together by skilled artisans. Sauso has perfected timeless looking gloves.

    The gloves makers at Sauso are masters of their craft. The quality of the product speaks for itself. They look stylish, feel comfortable, keep hands warm, protect from the cold, and have enough durability to last a long time. The manufacturing process at Sauso requires a table-cut method that allows the leather pieces to stretch to their ideal fitting length.

    How to Buy Sauso Gloves?

    They can be purchased with just the click of a button from the website. Here customers will get to look through the catalog, select their gloves of choice along with their desired size. This is a very convenient method. Shipping is always free, and there is a handy 14-day return policy. The site also offers gift cards from €50 to €300, which make an ideal present.

    Alternatively, if customers want a more bespoke product, they can visit the Sauso gloves store located in the center of Helsinki. The store includes the entire selection, as well as the option to order custom-made gloves.

    Sauso Glove Store is located right in the centre of Helsinki. You will find it at Eerikinkatu 1, 00100, Helsinki Finland