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Gorgeous Fingerless Leather Gloves for Style and Comfort

Fingerless gloves, also known as half gloves, are not only stylish but provide much-needed warmth in cold climates and freedom in warmer weather. This is particularly true for those crafted by Sauso, the leading glove manufacturer in Finland. You are assured that they use only the highest-quality leather sourced as a by-product from the food industry. The centuries-old technique to create these gorgeous accessories can only be mastered by dedicated artisans employed by Sauso.

What are Fingerless Gloves Used For?

Long fingerless leather gloves are available for both men and women in a variety of sizes and colors. They are particularly useful when driving, allowing the hand to comfortably grip the steering wheel yet giving the fingers freedom of movement. Cyclists will also benefit from them, particularly in warmer weather, when full gloves may not be appropriate. Made from the softest material, fingerless gloves retain their snug fit, even after years of use.

Style Tips for Fingerless Gloves

Easy to wear, day or night, each glove goes through a production process of 100 stages for a snug, superbly crafted fit.

Ladies will be particularly drawn to this elegant accessory, with a different pair to suit every occasion. If not looking for black leather fingerless gloves, other color options include brown, gray, and gold. Two equally beautiful styles are available, either wrist length or covering just beyond the elbow.

The gold gloves are a statement piece in themselves and the finishing touch to a dramatic evening outfit. Being unlined yet made of the softest Ethiopian sheepskin, they undoubtedly have a sensual feel against the skin, almost inviting others to reach out and touch. Also available in glistening silver, as a fingerless glove, it allows ladies to show off their latest manicure and their most delicate rings. For those ladies who prefer an edgier look but still retain that classy image, the leopard print option is sure to attract attention. 

These gloves are the perfect choice for every discerning lady and gentleman, with their understated elegance and an undeniable hint of luxury. Trust Sauso to produce the ideal leather glove for any occasion and a perfect gift to be treasured for years to come.