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If you are looking for stylish, elegant, and well-crafted long leather gloves, look no further than Sauso. This company, based in Finland, has been manufacturing handwear for around 90 years. The actual manufacturing is now done in Hungary, but the company is responsible for the design of all products. Sauso also have their own beautiful store in Helsinki, where you can find a huge selection of high-quality gloves. An excellent service can be expected since the store is staffed by professional, knowledgeable salespersons. The company also has a well-designed and accessible online website where you can find all the available items and the latest offers. It is a family run business dedicated to using eco-friendly manufacturing production methods. All materials are sustainably sourced as by-products from the hunting and food industry. The company only uses the finest quality products sourced from around the world.

The Manufacturing Process

To make this high-quality product, artisans handcraft the product using a process that involves 100 steps of manufacture. Master cutters produce the original cuts from the finest leather available, ensuring a perfect, sumptuous fit. These artisans have many years of experience in this field. They have all served their apprenticeship to become a first-class maker of handwear. The linings range from cashmere to wool and silk. Again, only the finest quality is used in the manufacturing process. In turn, this process leads to a stylish accessory that will fit you snugly and, at the same time, offer practical, hard-wearing handwear.

What are Long Leather Gloves Used For?

Such handwear is thought of as adding a touch of class and a confident style to any outfit. If you watch the old films on television, you often see the heroine wearing a classic stylish dress with long leather gloves. They portray an air of sensuality and sexiness to the audience. This is not only true of movie stars but can apply to any elegant, stylish occasion. This can include a formal event such as being an accompaniment to a gorgeous wedding dress or to a grand ballroom gown when attending an unforgettable soiree. They are also popular as part of a formal graduation process or end of term prom where you are sure to create a dynamic and memorable impression on other students. However, they can also be worn for an informal event such as a cocktail party to enhance the style and elegance of your favorite designer dress. This is undoubtedly a classic style that has been popular for centuries and remains so to current times.


This material embraces the senses and touch of the wearer. What can be better than the smell of real leather and the sensuality of its interaction with the skin? Because Sauso ensures that its products are only made from the finest leather and linings available, you can be assured that they will achieve the desired effect. The material has long been synonymous with style and haute-couture, so this product is for you if you want to get noticed. As well as being durable and practical, there is something about this material that few others can come close to matching.

Check out the selection of products available on this site, and you will not be disappointed.